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life is a b**ch

Silicone fish puppets inspired on endangered species from the Black Sea.
These hand puppets are made from a material called Dragon Skin, this is a very strong and flexible silicone which is also used in Hollywood to make monsters. The flexibilty of the silicone makes it possible to give the fish very lifelike and different facial expressions.

paint effects by: Ilze Buziau

HD version here

and here are 2 ranchu’s in a Chinese restaurant

Feng Sushi

Very comfortable Bed of Sushi, the grains of rice are these styrofoam things used in packaging, it’s 100% recycling…very Feng Shui…You can roll it up too.

A video about dreaming of a better future.

We are looking through an aquarium window and see a young Chinese immigrant. He was looking for a better future over seas, but ended up working in a restaurant which is a copy of the ones in his home country. The endless waiting for customers in an empty restaurant is not what he envisioned for his new exiting life abroad.

On the counter is a bowl of fortune cookies, out of boredom he grabs one, hesitates to open it, but decides to throw it back. His luck will come another day…

In Chinese culture, fish are a symbol of fortune. This is because the fish’s eyes never close and many believe this allows fish to see all your obstacles and good fortunes in the future.

the HD version is here

Fishual poetry in a traditional Dutch landscape.