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Here is a gift for you. This ring is cut from the finest and brightest diamond, so perfect, that the strong reflection of light makes you feel that the sun itself shines on your finger. Sometimes it will not be there, but I promise that this will ring will return. You never have to worry that you will lose it one day, the ring will always be there for you.


The inspiration for this ring came from this story. After scientist discovered a planet of diamond, they fantasized about how to get there…

In a top secret operation together with the coastguard of the Dutch beach town Bloemendaal aan Zee a spacecraft appeared from nowhere on a bright summer day.
It silently hovered inches above sea level and landed ashore. To the astonishment of the sunbathers two aliens came out of the craft. They were very friendly and inquisitive, with a special attention for young children. After a few hours on the beach these sweet creatures vanished in the dunes, nobody has seen them since. The craft has been secured by the coastguard and is to this day still in their barracks.

Het nieuwe oranje raketijsje van Ola.

Comet Pinky just before the impact on Uranus, the little monsters who live in the craters are terrified!
Monkey Lenn steers the rocket, Laika, the space dog, is with him.

Costumes for the come-back show of the Vengaboys with their single: “Rocket to Uranus”
Unfortunately it flopped in the charts…